Ülemiste LoftOffice

or ÜLO is a smart and multifunctional commercial building to be completed by April of 2020 in the prestigious Ülemiste area at Suur-Sõjamäe 13a.

About the location

Concept of ÜLO


The developing area is connecting the renowned representative buildings, Ülemiste City and soon to be built European square which will become the hub of the tramline, Rail Baltic and the bus terminal in Tallinn.

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The modern space solution connects the trade, show, office and warehouse facilities. The multifunctional building enables the company to aggregate all activities and teams that are necessary for the business under the same roof. Hence ÜLO offers significant win on costs.

Technological solutions

Technological solutions


Goods are coming at weekend?

You can disarm the facilities from the ÜLO app, open the swing-up doors and at the same time keep an eye on the activities from the camera without going to the site.

Need an overview of the running utility costs?

The smart ÜLO app gives a thorough overview of the utility costs. It is possible to control remotely the lighting, heating as well as ventilation, if required.

You went on an annual closure period, but forgot to adjust the temperature to lower level?

No problem – the heating or cooling of the space can be adjusted, as appropriate, and according to consumption also when you are not in the building. There is no need to worry about the costly heating and ventilation bills.

Did you forget to switch off the lights of the sales hall?

Even so, you can switch off the lights with some touches of a button from ÜLO app.

Lots of people are coming to the opening day so that there will not be enough air?

You can control and, if needed, pre-adjust ventilation also by the means of the smart ÜLO app.

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Plans & prices


Space area

Rental price (+VAT)


309,7 m²

Rented out


295 m²

Rented out


294,8 m²

Rented out


295,4 m²

Rented out


296,8 m²

Rented out


294,8 m²

Rented out


318,3 m²

Rented out


159,1 m²

Rented out

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Tomas Salamäe
Sales Manager of the Ülemiste LoftOffice
+372 5668 8773

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ÜLO will be completed by the April of 2020. Make you presence known so that we will be able to find the solution that meets just your needs.

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Ülemiste LoftOffice

Suur-Sõjamäe 13a
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